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nau mai haramai

nau mai, haramai ki te ī-hapori nei
for learning te reo māori differently

15,000 huinga ako

We have chunked 14,400 kupu, needed for NCEA Level 1 english or te reo, into 15,000 sets of 6 kupu.

4,800 kīwaha iho

We have ring-fenced 4,800 essential kīwaha - for day to day conversations i te reo māori.

14,400 kupu iho

We have ring-fenced the 14,400 essential kupu for confidently enjoying an everyday conversation in te reo māori.

1,440 akomanga

We have carefully designed and deployed 1,440 lessons, to support your social learning journey and practice, through the prerequisite 14,400 words and 4,800 phrases expected in the first state exams in either your first or second language.

600 akoranga

We have carefully curated kupu me te kīwaha into learning cards, each containing sets of 24 nano-learning events.

144 whakataukī

Whakataukī are short, concise statements that use symbolism and metaphor to convey key messages.

850 marae ahikā

On the marae te reo is both preferred and priviledged. Here are 850 where the aki-kā keeps te reo alive.

21,600 wāhi hira

In te ao māori, whakawhanaungatanga or the process of establishing relationships often starts with this question “Nō whea koe?” Where are you from? The following is a list of common places in New Zealand and a sound file to help you confidently pronounce them.